Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

Clean Your Space

Get organized. A lack of clutter brings comfort and a sense of peace to our lives. Start small and pick one thing or area of your home to organize. Pick an area that you regularly look at, organize it, and then notice how you feel. Once you have accomplished one space, choose another. Getting overwhelmed just by thinking about it? Take a break, step back and start again.

Open the windows and air out your home. Physically letting the outside in has a calming effect. It can be very good for your physical health to get rid of all of the stale air and germs from so many days of being stuck indoors with the windows closed.

Refrigerator cleaner: combination of salt and soda water. The bubbling action of the soda water combines with the abrasive texture of the salt to make a great cleaner.

Lime buildup around the faucet? Soak paper towels with vinegar, lay them over the fixture and let it set for an hour. The deposits will soften and become easier to remove.

Clean screens with a scrap of carpeting. It makes a powerful brush that removes all of the dirt.

Clean windows with a rag and soapy water, and then dry them with another rag or windshield squeegee.

If drapes are looking drab, take them out of the window, remove the hooks and run them through the air-fluff cycle in the dryer along with a wet towel (to draw off the dust) for 15 minutes. Hang them back in the windows immediately.

Mental Spring Cleaning

Reconsider Toxic Relationships -- Are there people in your life that you may be giving your energy to, consciously or unconsciously, that are only draining you and not giving back? Maybe it's time to let go as part of your overall cleansing regimen.

Do a "Data Dump" -- Just as you might periodically clear out your computer's hard drive of embedded cookies, broken links, corrupt files or potential threats, you can use your cleansing period to clear your mind and emotions. Maximize your cleansing process by vowing to release outmoded attitudes, beliefs, behaviors or emotions that no longer serve you.

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