Our Vision

Transforming communities through the contributions of the people we serve.

Our Mission

To help people with mental disabilities discover and achieve their hopes and dreams for a meaningful life in the community.

PSH Program Video

TSI Dedicated EmployeesView a video of people served by TSI in the Permanent Supportive Housing Program. This pilot project begun in 06/2007 was developed as part of Allegheny County's Office of Behavioral Health plan for Housing As Home.

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Keisha Becoate • 412-461-1322 ext. 1249 or at: kbecoate@transitionalservices.org

Our Partners

TSI is privileged to be affiliated with these leaders of the behavioral health field:

Precision Care


CARF Accreditation

Transitional Servies, Inc. is accredted for the following programs:

  • Community Housing: Psychosocial Rehabilitation (Adults)
  • Supported Living: Psychosocial Rehabilitation (Adults)
  • Community Services: Community Housing
  • Community Services: Supported Living

Visit CARF for more information.

TSI Testimonials

TSI is committed to satisfying all of the people with whom we partner to deliver rehabilitative services. In order to achieve this goal, we regularly talk with and survey all of our customers. TSI believes this is the only way we can improve and adapt our services to truly meet our customers' ever-changing needs.

What Our Stakeholders Are Saying…

Family Members…

  • “TSI has always been supportive and answered any questions. Our son will be moving into an accessible apartment, which will enhance his living environment.”

  • “The staff is respectful and helpful to our daughter. We have all the confidence in the staff at the unit.”

  • “Staff has been exceptionally kind to our son addressing his needs from a variety of approaches to find which benefits him best. They have been so patient, caring and supportive. He has made significant progress.”

  • “My son had a very stressful 2006. Without TSI, I feel he would have had a complete breakdown. He is very pleased with his apartment and environment.”

A Testament To Our Dedication

This month has marked two milestones for us. My brother Lewis celebrated his 50th birthday. And this year marks his 25th year living at Royer Center. For half his life, Royer has been his home.

When Dad passed away in 1980, and Mom’s illness made it impossible for her to care for him, we feared what might become of Lewis. Those fears were never realized, thanks to the fine work of everyone at TSI.

Lewis has enjoyed the company of his housemates. He has loved the trips to the beach and to Cook Forest, the parties and—above all—his music therapist.

But most importantly, he lives in a clean home and is well cared for. His meals are nutritious. He is treated with love and kindness, respect and dignity. It is all we could ever hope for—and more.

Please accept my profound thanks for all you have done for Lewis. And pass them on to the whole Royer staff. And please accept this check as a token of our gratitude for the love and care you have given my brother.

May God bless you all.

Sincerely yours,

Mike Silverstein

External Service Providers

  • “TSI has a strong housing program that enables persons served to discover their weaknesses and build upon their strengths.”

  • “Collaboration. Clinically sound approaches, Recovery and Psychiatric Rehabilitation. Experienced staff and managers.”

  • “TSI finds above-average housing with apartments that are clean and up to standards.”

Individuals Receiving Services…

  • “My counselor has helped me through a lot of transi­tions. She has been very supportive. She has been positive with me along the whole way.”

  • “Transitional Services Inc. helps me with my medicine. They have been nice to me and make me feel like a person and let me make decisions about what is right for me.”

  • “I am extremely grateful for the experience I’ve had at TSI. I have a great apartment in a very nice, well-kept, secure building. The staff here has made my experience a very healthy part of my recovery.”

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