CARF Accreditation

Transitional Servies, Inc. is accredted for the following programs:

  • Community Housing: Psychosocial Rehabilitation (Adults)
  • Supported Living: Psychosocial Rehabilitation (Adults)
  • Community Services: Community Housing
  • Community Services: Supported Living

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PSH Program Video

TSI Dedicated EmployeesView a video of people served by TSI in the Permanent Supportive Housing Program. This pilot project begun in 06/2007 was developed as part of Allegheny County's Office of Behavioral Health plan for Housing As Home.

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Special Thanks To:

  • Edith L. Trees Charitable Trust
  • Julius L. and Libbie B. Steinsapir Foundation
  • Mary A. Schafer
  • Skip and Sharon Alberts
  • Staunton Farm Foundation

For Service Users

Our Philosophy and Approach

We provide community residential and rehabilitative services and supports to individuals with mental disabilities (psychiatric and intellectual) so they may lead successful and satisfying lives.

"Helping people with mental disabilities to achieve quality lives" is our motto. We believe that people with mental disabilities have the same rights, opportunities and responsibilities to live, learn, work and play as any other citizen. Services offered are based on individual choice and needs, and are designed to help the person served achieve goals in living, learning, working and social environments.

How We Help

Recognizing that hopes, dreams and aspirations are keys to recovery, we work in partnership with each individual to awaken and support these basic desires. True recovery and having a meaningful life involves the individual choosing the life they want to lead and getting the skills and supports needed to be successful.

We work with each person individually to help develop skills and supports in many areas, such as:

  • Physical and Mental Wellness
  • Recovery
  • Managing Medications
  • Living Skills
  • Meeting New People
  • Managing Stress
  • Community Participation

“They seem to inspire me to do
better with my life.”

How the Programs Work

TSI tailors services and supports to meet the goals that the individuals served have identified for themselves. This is called A Personal View. We partner with individuals to help them define the services that they need and prefer to achieve the goals outlined in their Personal View. The person served and staff will complete an assessment to identify areas of need, personal strengths and preferences, natural supports and interests. All of these things are taken into consideration in determining the types and amounts of supportive services offered, to create a personalized service plan. The individual and staff will review the plan together and, if the individual’s needs or Personal View changes, then the plan can change.

“Staff listens very carefully to
what I have to say.”

How to Access Services

If an individual has a mental disability (psychiatric or intellectual) and is interested in gaining the skills and supports necessary to lead a more satisfying life, TSI may be able to help. If you or someone you know could benefit from our services, call our administrative office to obtain more information (412-461-1322).

“I would recommend them to a friend if they were in
need of following the steps I am following to be successful.”

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